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Lime Rind is in the fight of her cat life!  Black Sheep Ninja, a mysterious and elusive figure, has proven to be the most nefarious agent of the Interstellar Space Sheep and she has blocked our hero at every step.  After a tremendous fight among the branches of Misty Tree Top, the cat was finally knocked to the floor of the forest, but not without a snotty word or two at her adversary.

As might be expected, Black Sheep Ninja still has no sense of humor.  Last we saw, she was slowly wrapping our hero in a snake-like, smoke cloud of dark sheep vortex energy.  Does our hero have anything left in her own bag of tricks? Are we going to have start auditioning for a new hero!?!?!

See what happens in the latest page of Lime Rind the Rogue Samurai! me.ow

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