Microsoft gets re-Kinect-ed!! One-time innovative gaming device revived as AI project!

Remember when Microsoft had a little camera device called the Kinect before they dropped it like a bad habit? Well, the home of Windows and Word have not fully given up on their device. They have been working on reinventing the Kinect, but it won’t be as a gaming device (Sorry, Xbox One X owners). Microsoft will be bringing the Kinect back as a tool for their Cloud computing service known as Azure, which is one of the company’s most profitable segments. The new Kinect, title Project Kinect, will feature a 1 Megapixel camera for higher resolution with lower power consumption, ranging between 225-950mW. It will also serve as the basis for the next generation of HoloLens devices. Project Kinect Azure is designed to allow developers to apply AI over the world in profound ways. According to Alex Kipman, Microsoft’s AI technician and the person responsible for creating the Kinect, an Azure-powered Project Kinect will let “developers make the intelligent edge more perceptive than ever before.”

First introduced for the Xbox 360 in 2010, the Kinect was enhanced for release with the Xbox One in 2013. However, Microsoft ended the device’s life last fall.

Microsoft first introduced the Kinect for the Xbox 360 in 2010. A new version compatible with Windows PC was released in 2012. The Kinect was then enhanced with a new sensor and bundle with the Xbox One at the system’s launch in 2013. However, the Kinect device for the XB1 did not catch on and its other featured fell through the cracks as Microsoft moved away from its entertainment ambitions for the console before ultimately discontinuing the Kinect last fall, sealing its fate for good.

Source: Polygon