Smash Bros 4 tournament in Philly’s Chinatown EVERY MONDAY???





RSVP via Facebook:

G Team presents SMASH 4 SINGLES WEEKLIES – Monday

This will happen EVERY MONDAY.
Time is set to 7 PM

We will be following ruling, with Mii fighters allowed and no stage bans for B05.

SET UPS WILL BE FIRST COME FIRST SERVE, will be needing 4-5 set ups
Set ups MUST include GC Adapter and full DLC content.

$5 venue
$5 entry

Payout will be 60/30/10.

All entries go to pot.

POT BONUS at 32 participants+
ANOTHER Pot bonus at 64 participants


Just a heads up for everyone that will be entering the tournament, we will be changing the starter stages starting this week.
Starter stages : Final destination, battlefield, smashville, town and city, lylat cruise.
Counter stages: Dreamland, duck hunt.