Check out the Podcast Festival in Philadelphia. The Black Tribbles will be there!

Black_Tribbles_by_PODCAST FESTIVAL

The Philadelphia Podcast Festival
The second annual Philadelphia Podcast Festival seeks to entertain and educate using the digital medium of podcasting. The 2014 festival showcases nineteen of Philadelphia’s premier podcasts during five days of live episode recordings.
In 2014, participating podcasts include Storyshuffle, Sex with Timaree, Talking Nerdy, The Pincushion, Rep Radio, Gettin’ Close, Comedy Food Sports, Stark Raven Mad, Left Fielding, Down and Out Radio, LesBe Real Radio, Master Of The Arts, Didja Eat?, Action Phase, UNspoiled!, Never Forget Radio, The Eric Toddcast, Going to Hell and Black Tribbles.

Wait, what’s a podcast??
Oh, right. Good question. So the short version is: a podcast is a bit like a radio show that you download from the internet. A lot of podcasters use them purely to entertain people but any business, organization or individual can use a podcast to share information. This keeps their fans, customers, members or friends updated on what they’re up to. You can use it to broadcast any message you want into the world.
Audio is recorded, posted online and retrieved on demand by listeners. Some listen to podcasts at their computers, others put them on an mp3 player and listen to them while doing other things (jogging, driving, etc.). If you listen to someone’s podcast regularly and become a fan, sometimes it’s fun to go meet them in person and see their show live. Hence, the festival. Come on out, it’s fun.

Our Venues
This year’s primary venue is Tattooed Mom on South St. Tattooed Mom’s takes great pride in being able to provide a space for the creative community to gather and explore ideas.
We are also pleased to have two podcasts recording at Philly Improv Theater this year. Founded as a nonprofit in 2005, PHIT embraces the art of improvisation as an end rather than a means – creating and producing improv, sketch, and alternate comedy shows in the tradition of theaters like Chicago’s Second City and New York’s Upright Citizens Brigade.

The 2014 Streaming Media Project of the Year winners, the BLACK TRIBBLES close out the 2014 Philadelphia Podcast Festival in style with a Tribble Nation roll-call ever, games, fun and LIVE TRIBBLIN’ at Tattoed Moms located at 530 South Street!!!